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Sam and Myra Ross Institute Nature-Based Internships (August to December 2019)
Job Code:2018-876
Location:Brewster Main Campus
Department:Farm Center
Status:Temporary/Seasonal (time/period specific)
Job Description:

Sam& Myra Ross Institute Nature-Based Internships

Interns get to choose from one of six tracks
Room/Board (based on availability) and Stipend Included

1) Farm Animal Education Internship- August to December 2019
Interns work 5 days a week, and also participate in occasional weekend activities and events. Institute Interns develop comprehensive skills in nature-based education and activities and practical knowledge for employing those skills in working with children with special needs. This internship is built on the foundation of Animal-assisted activities and education designed to create an opportunity for children to self-reflect through interactions and relationships with people, peers, animals and the barn environment. This experiential learning can happen at anytime - in a stall, in a pasture, or when the child grooms a llama, leads agoat, or participates in feeding chores. Experiences with farm animals can teach responsibility, care and concern for another creature, interpersonalboundaries such as appropriate touch, movement, fine and gross motor skills, aswell as leadership and teamwork skills. Children become primary caretakers.Therapeutic and educational experiences take place in the chore setting,feeding animals, cleaning stalls and tending to the basic care of animals.

2) Vocational Education at Boni-Bel Farm- August to December 2019
Interns guide therapeutic/recreational activities such as maintaining a flock of organic chickens and preparing fresh eggs for sale, making gift baskets, bee-keeping, harvesting vegetables, maple sugaring, and assisting in special events such as Saturday Farm Markets. Experiential 1:1 vocational sessions guided by interns are designed to help individual students following New York State Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) standards.

3) Horticulture Internship-August to December 2019
Interns have an opportunity to observe and participate in classes, facilitate1:1 activities with individual students, and may explore independent projectsthat can enhance the garden program. Interns also guidetherapeutic/recreational activities such as creating bees wax candles, mixingorganic lotions, drying culinary herbs or preparing fresh chicken eggs for saleto the public. Interns in the horticulture area will be immersed in botheducational and vocational aspect of horticulture, and participate inactivities offered both on campus and at Boni-Bel organic garden. During thespring, summer, and fall months activities are held in our gardens, whereplanting, maintenance and harvesting of crops take place. In the winter,students are exposed to the scientific side of horticulture, such as plantanatomy and seed propagation in our greenhouses.

4) Equine Education and Interaction-August to December 2019
In the Equine Program, children learn how to care for the 18 horses, donkeysand ponies, and to manage their behavior and emotions to benefit theirrelationship with the animals. Interns have the opportunity to support childrenwho have been unsuccessful socially or academically as they begin to experiencesuccess in the particularly supportive surroundings of the equine program.Interns participate in carefully guided interactions, helping students todevelop riding and stable management skills that enhance social, emotional,physical and academic growth beyond the horse barn. Interns in this area assistin riding classes, work one-on-one with students, and are responsible fortaking care of the daily needs of our equine herd.

5) Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship-August to December 2019
The Wildlife Center features a beautiful education center, animal triage carearea and has large display and flight cages, woodland paths and naturalistichabitats. State licensed wildlife rehabilitators, an environmental educator andanimal caretaker comprise the staff in this area. Interns in this area willassist wildlife classes, work one-on-one with students, learn about wildliferehabilitation, maintain the center and become primary caregivers for theanimals.

6) Dog Interaction Internship-August to December 2019
The Green Chimneys Dog Interaction Program allows students and residents to beactively involved in the everyday care, socialization and training of shelterdogs to help them become accustomed to human interaction, learn basic commandsand become ready for adoption into loving homes. An interdepartmental team oftherapists, teachers, dorm and recreation staff, and farm staff superviseschildren in daily care and recreation activities with the dogs during schoolhours, as well as interaction in the dorms in the evening. The purpose of theinternship is to experience firsthand how a dog interaction program can beincorporated into a residential treatment center and therapeutic day school.Interns will observe ways in which dog interactions are built into dailyschedules, learn how to train dogs, be a part of a team educating students andstaff on best practices, and more. The internship focuses on student “Learn andEarn” placements during which the intern will help students individually todevelop skills through caring for and interacting with dogs; assist the dogtrainer in the group activities; and support dog and facility care. Additionalsupport of other Dog Interaction Program team members may be required.Individuals who have previous experience working at - and a recommendation from- our dog program partner Animals for Adoption, another shelter dog program, ora residential treatment facility may also apply.


Job Qualifications:
Applicants must be 21 years of age. Room and board are available, along with a small stipend.